Jonny Stax has been called in to lead the development process for private-public partnerships, comprehensive education programs, citywide health initiatives, new small business models and original entertainment products. He guides strategic planning and evaluation for short and long-term achievement, sustainability, new growth, organizational restructuring and clarity of mission and vision.

Jonny Stax works with clients to build market expansion tactics and tools, to strengthen brand identity and to monetize existing assets. He is accomplished in fundraising and grant writing strategy and implementation. Jonny is frequently hired to guide board and staff retreats that focus team energies toward organizational momentum, efficiency and effectiveness. All of this serves his clients specific needs and goals for the successful realization of their venture.

As a young nonprofit organization our group was bursting with energy and passion. What we needed was someone to guide us in creating a strategy to make the work feasible and fundable in the real world. Jonny quickly gained a deep understanding of our organization and its needs, and worked with us both one-on-one and as a group to implement a diverse and stable funding base that we rely on to this day. He also helped us grow to a new level of professionalism in our communications and programming. With Jonny's mentorship, we were able to build a solid foundation that continues to support our work three years later.

Debra Stulberg
MD Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
The University of Chicago President and Training Director Midwest Access Project

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