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I am currently embarking on producing a feature length documentary film, and with the experiences I acquired from time spent at Jonny Stax Presents, I have been able to conceive a concise game plan that will enable me to be successful.

Kelly Van Dyke, documentary filmmaker

Art is an essential element of a thriving culture, driving innovation and providing inspiration. Jonny Stax Presents recognizes this contribution and also acknowledges that artists rarely have the resources to acquire a nurturing environment in which to experiment and develop their work.

In 2012, Jonny Stax Presents, Inc. launched a new Chicago-based project for arts development that cultivates experimentation, professional growth, and community engagement. The mission of Creators Lab is to nurture the creation of extraordinary art to propel social evolution. 

Creators Lab (formerly "Chicago Lab and Urban Retreat") aims to be a thriving citywide campus where arts creators share ideas, generate new works, and build cultural alliances within their home communities. A diverse network of local and national “Lab Partners” shares essential resources with Creators Lab and its member artists to sustain creative discovery and community development. A primary objective of Creators Lab is to create an element-sharing model that encourages neighborhood- artist partnerships by trading space, resources and professional services for community arts engagement and its resulting cultural and economic stimulus.

2012 Arts Residency

Creators Lab 2012 Arts Residency was awarded to multi-disciplinary artist Lacy Katherine Campbell and her new work “Then, One Night”.

Through this residency, lab mentors provided strategic and business planning, documentation and evaluation, clarity and encouragement, and artistic feedback. Jonny Stax Presents also brokered space for rehearsal and presentation with their Lab partners at Teatro Luna, North Shore Baptist Church, and Stage 773.

As a detail-oriented artist, I often find myself so engrossed in my work that I can’t see the forest for the trees.  Jonny has a true gift for looking at the bigger picture: helping me see the larger scope and where those details fit in.

Lacy Katherine Campbell

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