Letting go

I have a confession to make. It’s probably not wise to publicize this as a producer and business owner, but speaking something out loud is the first step toward recovery. I’m a planning junkie. I love to plan and strategize. I love to dream and scheme. I love to design and propose. I could do it all day long. Actually, that’s the bulk of my consulting work.

The problem is that I am often afraid of action. I have a difficult time stepping out of the planning phase and into the action phase. I think part of this fear comes from an inability to control the outcome. Once I act, I cannot control the reaction. Makes it a little hard for a boy with a few control issues here and there. (No comment, Scooty!)

This issue emerged for me this week when I set the appointment with our lawyer to make the initial contacts with the rightsholders as part of our GoGo Legit campaign. You see, we are reaching out to the Alien, Halloween, Hughes, Queen, and Carpenters rightsholders to ask for their blessing on shows that we and our fans have come to love. It’s all going to become a reality: one way or another our action will have a reaction and that reaction will demand more action. The time for planning has moved into the time for action and Jonny is a nervous little nelly.

Thankfully, we are not alone nor ill-equipped for this journey. We have great legal counsel, fantastic documentation of some exciting shows, great partners and investors, and a wonderful base of fans and loved ones behind us.

What sparked movement and pushed me out of planning and scheming into action was the announcement that Roger Taylor’s new Queen tribute project was going to be at the House of Blues on June 1 – same night as our benefit concert Space Invasion. After being a little disappointed to not be able to catch this tour, I realized it was such a great opportunity. If we can get someone tied to the Queen camp to come see the tribute portion of our show, we will have a devotee. Those who attended any of last year’s sci-fi rock extravaganza will know that entering into our space is enough to get one hooked.

So, we have decided to push back our show an hour. That way people who want to attend the Queen Extravaganza can make it up to the Metro in time for the bulk of our intergalactic tribute to Queen. I certainly hope that Roger Taylor or Brian May are among those attendees!

You know, I was going to call this blog “Pulling the trigger” until I realized how violent that phrase is. Then I thought of “Releasing the hounds” – another violent image. Maybe I’m not alone in my fear of action. I do know that it is all in letting go – a constant but invigorating struggle for me.

Time to put our hands in the air and ride this ride to the fullest. Having weekly choir practice sure helps!