5th Star Expo

As we prepare to launch the inaugural 5th Star Expo and invite you to join us in our exploration of innovation in Chicago’s arts and culture, I am filled with expectancy, curiosity, and optimism. I expect to find astonishing things in this city that celebrates experimentation. I am curious about the connections we will find alread exist between innovators in different fields. I am optimistic that people will partner with us in this quest.

In my five years of producing absurdly innovative entertainment through The Scooty and JoJo Show, ten years of developing and testing innovative strategies for creating social change in the U.S. and Illinois, and multiple decades marveling at anything shiny and sparkly that I have never seen before, I am dedicating myself and my company to highlighting innovations and supporting the processes that leads to these innovations.

In my many meetings to prepare for this expo, my new friend Patrick introduced me to the educational approach he refers to as HOMAGO – Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. That process not only feeds innovation but invites anyone in to the creation practice. I look forward to seeing who embarks with us, what we find, and what we can create together.